Management & Construction Approach

The Benefits of Construction Management

Our related experience and background as a Construction Manager can be of great benefit to your firm. Our "Scope of Proposed Services" included below in Project Management includes a listing of pre-construction and post-construction phase services which we customarily provide when serving in a construction management role for our clients.

Hollister Construction Services has successfully completed a number of construction management projects. The firm's approach to construction management (CM) is embodied in the following key points:

• Professional Management Practices
• Project as Opposed to Volume Orientation
• Strong Participation of Principals

CM is the application of professional management practices to a construction project. While Hollister Construction Services has utilized a variety of approaches to the CM service concept, it is our belief that the fundamental purpose of CM is the fostering of a cooperative effort to attain the common goals established by Owner, Architect and Construction Manager...THE PROJECT TEAM

Value Engineering

Substantial savings can be created for the owner through value engineering and constructability if Hollister Construction Services is retained during the design phase of the project. In addition, the flow of communication is greatly enhanced. Hollister gets involved early on in many projects with our broad background in all construction trades. We often engage in mechanical, electrical and plumbing subcontractors who can provide design-build services which will further save time and money.

Hollister Construction Services utilizes state-of-the art contract management systems to track the status of the job progress as well as the job costs including Timberline, Microsoft Project, and AIA contract programs.