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Project specifications:

Location: Florham Park, NJ
Project Type: Corporate - Interior Renovations / Expansion
Architect: Rotwein & Blake
Project Features:

  • 15,176 sq ft, total floor space
  • 3,413 sq ft, expansion (drywall, carpet, electrical, millwork, paint)
  • Expansion and matching existing architectural features including columns, glass walls, and custom matched millwork – mahogany wall feature, doors.
  • Renovated a kitchenette to an office.
  • Renovated closet to new copier room
  • Extended one data room into two server rooms.
  • Phased work, do to occupied space.


Project summary:

"Hollister and its representatives were at all times refreshingly responsive and available, and their expertise, efficiency, work product and creativity were first-rate. We were impressed with Hollister's timeliness, professionalism and user-friendliness at all levels of its organization"

Paul F. Carvelli
Director, MARC Law