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Nursing Classroom

Project specifications:

Location: Hackensack, NJ
Project Type: Educational - Interior Renovation
Architect: RSC Architects
Project Features:

  • Dickinson Hall 4th Floor Nursing Renovation
  • This goal of this project was to take several inefficient classrooms used for the nursing school and create a more modern nursing environment.
  • Overhaul of storage areas
  • Removal of a shared classroom wall to double the size of the main teaching area and create a mock hospital ward and classroom combined, reconfiguration of seven beds with medical headwalls, privacy curtains at each bed location, the addition of a new working nurses station, window units to adjacent rooms with one way glass for instructor observations, a separate yet attached room renovated to include a double acting door and three person scrub sink as well as new paint, a new ceiling and patched and refinished flooring.
  • Adjacent rooms also were refinished and new storage cabinets and redesigned shelving were added to add efficiency to the storage areas.