30 Pulaski | Download Full Project Sheet

Project specifications:

Location: Bayonne, NJ
CenterPointe Properties
Project Type: Industrial - Renovation
Architect: Cortland Morgan
End User: Star Snack Company
Project Features:

  • Complete renovation of a 150,000 square foot industrial facility
  • Installation of all new electric and lighting
  • Construction of new bathroom facilities
  • Interior painting of walls, decking and columns.
  • CMU walls opened and installed steel lintels and jams for new openings.
  • Over-head door packages including new motorized doors, seals, and bumpers.
  • Designed and engineered industrial grade utility and equipment guard rails.
  • New HVAC unit heaters


Hollister Construction Services completed a 150,000 square foot renovation of an industrial facility designed by architect, Cortland Morgan. The industrial facility is owned by Center Pointe Properties, who is a developer, owner, and manager of industrial real estate. Star Snacks Company, a snack nut products manufacturer and distributor based in Jersey City, N.J., will relocate its distribution facilities to the renovated warehouse. This comprehensive renovation transformed a pre-existing, inefficient building into a state-of-the-art 21st century energy efficient distribution center. Hollister installed new bathrooms, HVAC unit heaters, electric systems and lighting fixtures. The company also painted the facility’s walls, decking and columns; installed overhead door packages with new motorized doors, seals and bumpers; and designed and engineered industrial-grade utility and equipment guard rails for the building. Concrete masonry unit walls were opened and steel lintels and jams were installed for new openings.