Damascus Bakery | Download Full Project Sheet

Project specifications:

Location: Newark, NJ
Project Type: Industrial - Renovation
Architect: The Austin Group
Project Features:

  • 72,000 SF Baking facility
  • All new utilities, including upgraded electric, gas and water to support heavy manufacturing equipment
  • New offices, employee locker room, break room and conference room
  • Build out of the Flour Silo room


Hollister completed a comprehensive renovation for Damascus Bakeries’ 72,000 square-foot state-of-the-art baking facility, located within a major distribution hub in Newark, N.J.’s Urban Enterprise Zone at 60 McClellan Street.

Hollister gutted and entirely rebuilt the existing facility, which had been an old paper distribution center, demolishing warehouse partitions and equipment rooms and building all ancillary rooms to support the baking operations. This included building a flour silo that is fed by tanker trucks, as well as a mixing and scaling room built out of insulated metal panel. All new utilities were added, including an over sized transformer to support expansion and future construction of a freezer, along with electric, gas and water. New offices were built, with an employee locker room, break room and meeting room.